The 5 Biggest Website Maintenance Mistakes Business Owners Make

Avoid these mistakes to ensure your website stays healthy

Just like a car, a website needs regular maintenance. It’s a vital part of a business and the vehicle that helps potential customers to learn more about the company.  

If you don’t maintain your car, eventually it will break down. You may get lucky for a while, but nothing lasts forever. Maybe this time the “check engine” light wasn’t just something you could ignore.  The same goes for websites-in order to get the most “miles” out of them and keep costs down over the long run, they need regular maintenance.  Here are five common mistakes that business owners make after their website is built.

  • Mistake 1: Doing nothing – The most common mistake that business owners make. Perhaps they don’t understand what can happen if their website is not maintained properly.  Or, they’re choosing to do nothing because they don’t see the value in a Care Plan. They may have worked with someone who didn’t clearly explain the weekly, monthly and yearly checks that must be done to keep a website healthy.
  • Mistake 2: Relying on their hosting company for backups – Don’t rely on a hosting company for backups; they aren’t specialists when it comes to website maintenance.  Having daily backups of your site, stored in multiple, secure locations, is absolutely imperative if the site is ever hacked.  Moreover, if the site goes down at an inopportune time, most business owners don’t want to have to figure out how to find the latest backup file and do the reboot themselves-having someone to call in this situation is peace of mind.
  • Mistake 3: No disaster recovery plan – This ties in with backups. It’s all about what the business owner should be doing when something goes wrong. Having a disaster recovery plan in place gives you a simple process to follow and to get the website back online. 
  • Mistake 4: Trying to do everything themselves – It’s a common trait for business owners to try and do everything themselves. Life is much easier for business owners who can delegate.  Letting someone else carry out the maintenance work will save you time. What could you do with this time?
  • Mistake 5: Lacking expertise – Most business owners (or their employees) do not have the experience to look after their own websites. A lot of business owners feel like they might be able to learn if they try it, but do they really have the time to learn properly? And is it worth taking the risk of the site going down, potentially resulting in lost sales, upset customers and missed opportunities?

The best option for most business owners is to hand over maintenance tasks to a trusted company who will look after your website on an ongoing basis. This is often referred to as a “Website Maintenance Plan” or a “Website Care Plan”.

A Website Care Plan provides you with peace of mind. It allows you to stay focused on growing your business and serving your customers, while experienced professionals look after your website and keep it safe.

EJM Design offers two different options for ongoing maintenance plans-if you’d like to learn more about our Website Care Plans you can click here to read about them.

Don’t leave your website maintenance to chance. There is a better way that provides you with peace of mind and the reassurance to allow you to focus on your business.