What is SEO?



Whether you already have a website or are in the market for a new one, Search Engine Optimization is an important consideration in your marketing strategy.  Unlike paid advertising, SEO is a way to boost your website that doesn’t end when you stop paying.  Quite the opposite, your results will get better and better over time!   SEO web design uses both on-page and back-end best practices to help you rank higher in the searches your potential customers are making.   

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is:

“The practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”

Why is this important?  Say you create a website for your business, “ABC Clothing Company”.  You set it all up, buy your domain name, save it, and are happy with they way it looks.  The next day you Google “ABC Clothing Company” and are surprised to see that your website is nowhere to be found.  How can that be?  Why doesn’t your website show up in search results, even when typing in your company’s own exact name?

The answer is that Google uses a very large, very complicated algorithm to show you what it thinks are the best web pages for the search terms that you typed in.  Using an SEO-friendly domain name, adding strategic keywords on your site and filling it with quality content are just some of the things that will help your site rank higher when your potential customers search.

If your website hasn’t been checked over recently, consider contacting a web designer that offers SEO audits as part of their services.  There are many tweaks we can perform that will help your website get more views and clicks without buying a Google Ad.  But know that it takes time for Google to “crawl” your site, and while you may not see results overnight, over time your website should do better and better in search results.